‘No more CD’s from me’ – Why Kanye West had to say.

Kanye West  had released The Life of Pablo digitally That day, which was later punctuated by an album premiere event at Madison Square Garden, came and went, but the album was not available to stream or purchase anywhere, save for low-quality audio rips from the event that made their way online.

The modern album release cycle and the changing role of the album are in front of us, but what if the definition of an album is also changing? Kanye West: The Life of Pablo review – You can see why his immodesty rubs people up the wrong way’ When Kanye West’s album is good, it’s very good. But this was not good as it was being expected. Kanye West has reacted angrily to criticism from Bob Ezrin and asked him to never speak in public again.

Music in the 2000s – it was easier than ever to buy one track at a time and construct playlists, CD was a physical object to get replicated and reach thousands people at one time. CD Replication was not very common but CD duplication was being done. CD replication brought a change in industry. Records that revisit old songs, like the famously perfectionist Kate Bush’s peculiar 2011 album Director’s Cut, which sought to “Correct” tracks from her two albums.

Today Pop is a fan-favorite U2 album, and it was even well-received at the time as a bold and experimental record, although it was a comparative sales disappointment. As for the updated songs, those are seen as auxiliary, not truly a part of the album and not a right to the album’s wrongs.

All these facts are pointing out that the real talent become incomplete with improper exposure. The Life of Pablo digitally not touching the surface what people were expecting. May be its CD replication was not at that standard that could win the people or any technical deficiency made it sub standard.

Kanye West is a star may be down for sometime but it’s sure that people like him and one failure cannot make him fall. We all are waiting anxiously for his new creation.

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