UK’s Shades of Blue Trumpet Ensemble Releases CD – Take a look at this.

University of Kentucky’s Shades of Blue Trumpet Ensemble as the group has just released its first compact disc, “Competition Pieces for Trumpet Ensemble.” The CD’s concept was inspired by the group’s 2014 trip to the National Trumpet Competition, where they took second prize in a highly competitive field of ensembles from around the UK.

The UK music students were inspired to pursue this ambitious project of recording the most difficult competition music for the trumpet ensemble as a resource for future ensembles who are seeking appropriate reference recordings of challenging music.

CD importance in music history is remarkable                                                                              

CD is as effective tool to give projection to music that it enhanced the popularity rate more than hundred percent .Its better quality can make people listen and watch some times better than original. CD is not yet departed, it exists with great importance it’s still a real tool in the belt of artists and bands everywhere. It is still important. Three reasons are here as proof. About 35% of the income of the entire industry in the US$2.5 billion in revenue has been achieved by CD selling last year. CDs are still a high-margin item for sale and profit as well.

An artist without CD cannot be noticed  

Most important concern is that mostly digital proponents don’t understand you an artist without CD, you can’t get reviewed. For newer artists reviewers just take digital-only releases seriously, means without disc, no review.

The future of CD in music is bright                                                                          

It is getting brighter day by day, and it will eventually be as prosperous or more than the CD era at its peak. The CD market is may be drying up, but for music it’s still worthy and there’s still chance to grow with better CD duplication and CD replication to get grand success. CDs will remain more important in an artist’s survival. CD replication will be always useful from a better company. So, if you are an artist then you have to think about both of them. See Details


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